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Food ethics

I was thinking about something just. I like grocery shopping. I never think I used to before I had my illness. I would run in and out as quickly as I could just to get it over with. To avoid wrestling with other people over items in an overcrowded store. When I was sick it would take me about an hour just to buy one or two items. Everything had to be calculated and measured and often I’d walk out empty handed. Now a days it will take me less time to do my shopping, but still longer than I’m guessing it will for the average person. I will still compare calories check the weight of the product and so on, but I don’t care just as much as I would before.

But I’ve also noticed that I seem to have made a change in lifestyle from how I ever was before. I now almost always chose to buy organic products over regular. I don’t know too much about the health benifits and wether or not they’re actually valid, but I do hope that it has some sort of positive impact on our environment. I don’t know, I guess I’ve just become very interested in this because I now realise how important it is to actually take care of yourself and I want to make it “visible”. I want these organic products to be better for me and therefor be a reason for me to eat. Like, if I’m going to eat it better be the best stuff out there. As if just eating because you want to survive wouldn’t be reason enough? I don’t know… All I know is that I feel a little bit better about eating something if it has the word organic, raw or vegan printed on it. It’s like it curbs the anxiety a little. I just hope it’s not something I’ll get addicted to. I’d rather it just be a healthy lifestyle than a must. After all it’s what they call “the right choice” isn’t it. Plus, we don’t break habits, we just replace them with, preferably, less distructive ones.

But what do you think? Could going green help you become healthier and more likely to eat?



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