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Good afternoon


Even though the sun’s shining for once I’m still lingering on the sofa not doing anything in particular really. I just want to clear that this blog’s main focus won’t be my ED. I know it looks rather serious and anonymous at the moment, but I am going to change all that. I want to write about health, beauty, fitness, make up, photography, Nintendo and everything else I find interesting and not only focus on what’s wrong with me, if you get me 🙂

Like today for instance, I’m planning to get out and run a little earlier than usual. I run pretty much every day for about 45 minutes and then finish with some strength exercises and stretches. I’ve always liked doing strength, but I hated doing cardio, like omg, I would do anything to get out of it, but now it’s part of my daily routine.

But yeah, like I said I will try to get some pictures up on here and do something about the layout of this page because it’s making me depressed at the moment.

What do you have planned for today?



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