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The sun’s been shining where I live today so I was out walking just enjoying the waether while it lasts.

Thought I’d make an entery about what food products I use on a daily basis. No, I’m not sponsored, hence the very lame collage I made. Stevia is absolutely my sweetener of choice (I sweeten my green tea with it), but if I’m not going to use that it’ll definitly be Agave nectar which is great since it’s really sweet and it doesn’t mess with your bloodsugar levels that much. I love dried apricots because they’re really good, but I’ve also heard that they’re great for your skin! 🙂 And those mulberries covered in raw chocolate are great as a snack. I usually snack on almonds, but I totally love organic peanut butter. Just make sure it has at least 99% peanuts, we don’t need all that nasty stuff some brands put in their products. Last but not least I have to mention my love for milk alternatives. I have a mix of soy- and almond milk almost every morning with my branflakes or home made muesli.


What do you eat on an everyday basis?


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