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Ok, first of all I wan’t to apologize. I’m not turning this into a food blog! I promis I’ll find something else to blog about tomorrow 😉

That being said I still want to show you guys what I’m having for dinner tonight! I steamed carrots and sweet potatoe for ten minutes in my microwave steamer (I love you!) and added some herbal aromat for flavour and I had a salad and some low fat quark (for protein) that I mixed with dill.

As you might be able to tell I’m a vegetarian and apart from the occasional splash of fat/lactose free milk in my coffee and the quark, I pretty much live as a vegan. I’d like to become vegan but I’m yet to find something to substitute my favourite dairy product ever (quuuuaaark!!! :D) with. Plus, I don’t know if messing with the very few “safe” foods I have is such a good idea…


Well, I have a date with the track and my fitness ball in a few hours but until then I’ll just relax 🙂 Have a nice evening people!


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