22.21 | Twigs




I had the day off so I stayed in bed till like 12.30, mostly ’cause my stomach was killing me. Finally got up and went out for a stroll, bought three pairs of jeans and returned back home after picking up some pain medication from the store. Lady behind the counter looked at me and doubted I was over eighteen. Still better than the time I had to show ID to buy energy drinks; “I’ll have to see your ID, sweetie”. Then the guy (who was probably even younger than me) started going on about how kids mix them with their parents liquor to the man behind me. The legal age here’s 15, by the way…

Anyway, I did one hour of group work out at the gym and then I did my usual work out routine too. Felt like I was going to faint in the shower and then I started feeling really sick. That went on for like an hour so I tried making my self sick, which didn’t help, so I stuffed my face with white bread which did make it better. Usually I’d get the urge to purge, but I can’t even be bothered right now, I’m just too tired.


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