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Body builder

bärbär2 Hello. Sorry for the shitty update. I’ve been busy working out at the gym though, seriously, I’ve become hardcore when it comes to working out! This week I’ve been doing spinning and aerobics and today I’m doing boxing and for the rest of the week I’ve got weight lifting and dancing (which I’m gonna switch for spinning). Not only do I do that, but I also do my regular work out routine right after it which is at least running 5km and weights. So these day’s I spend about 2 hours at the gym 5-7 times a week. Am I going to become a body builder??? Naah, don’t think I eat enough.


Speaking of which, I just had the best breakfast of my life (ok, maybe not..) 50g of kids yogurt (danonino banana and apricot) with strawberries, rasperries and blueberries. Think I died a little.


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