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Body builder no2

Hey everyone! Today I’ve been working out hard (as always). I did 55 minutes of weight lifting and then ran 5 km in 25 minutes. I got the idea to make a list of what I like and dislike at the gym so here we go:


Running – I love running and even though I prefer it to be out in nature the treadmill will do this time of year.

Spinning – Thought I’d hate it but I was wrong, I love it!

Boxercise – It’s a great workout and a lot of fun.

Weight lifting – I want to gain a little bit of muscle so right now I’m loving it.



Dancing – I’m sure it’s fun for those who have control over their bodies, but sadly I’m not one of them.

Aerobics – Same as above really, and I don’t feel like I work up enough of a sweat.

Elliptical – Girls seem to love working out on them, but I get bored. Why not just run?


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